Kat Apple

Kat Epple will be performing her “Calusa-Inspired Music” to commemorate the Calusa people, the extinct Indian tribe of indigenous people who lived in Southwest Florida before the arrival of the Spaniards.

“Described as an “old soul,” this internationally renowned composer, musician, and storyteller channels and shares with audiences the vibrant essence of the spirits of the ancient native peoples of planet Earth”.

Paula Robertson - Ebella Magazine

The Peabody, and Emmy Award-winning composer and flutist has performed at venues around the world including: The United Nations, London's Union Chapel, Guggenheim Museums, NY Museum of Modern Art, Moscow Music Conservatory, and for President Bill Clinton.

In addition to live performance, Kat composes music for film scores including National Geographic, PBS Nova, CNN, ABC, Valentino Fashions, The History Channel, NASA, and Apple Computers. Her music compositions feature synthesizers and world instruments.

She has been commissioned to create her “Calusa-Inspired Music” for The Marco Island Historical Society Museum, Florida Natural History Museum, and the Randell Research Center’s Calusa Heritage Day.

In her extensive travels around the world, Kat collects flutes from other cultures which she features in her original compositions and performances.

For bookings, CDs, LPs and to learn more about Kat, visit KatEpple.com or email Kat@KatEpple.com